Broadband Communications Systems and Architectures Research Group


Hardware and Operating Systems

NetMeter has been developed and evaluated on PC hardware (Intel processors) using FreeBSD and Linux systems.

It has been compiled and tested on the following operating systems:

  • Debian Etch 4.0
  • Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10
  • Arch Linux
  • FreeBSD 4.3/4.5
  • Linux Red-Hat 6.1/6.2

Minimum system

Pentium 133MHz 16MB RAM VGA-800x600 5MB disk space

Recommended system 

Pentium II 300MHz 64MB RAM VGA-1024x768 5MB disk space

Graphic browser

According with the X-desktop you are using you have to choose an external graphic browser with the [OS] option in the main page. tested: ee (GNOME electronic eye) or kview (KDE viewer)

LINUX-SSH version

If you have some problems running the application choose other version of SSH (like ssh1....) with the [OS] option in the main page.

Note: We suggest to compile the tools on your own system.  

Traffic Generator Tools (file list)

  • [Mgen] Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). "Multi-Generator Toolset (MGEN)". Available at:
    • mgen - Client program Mgen
    • drec - Server program Mgen
    • decode - Mgen utility
    • mcalc - Mgen utility
  • [Mgen6] Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Available at:
    • mgen6 - Client program Mgen6
    • drec6 - Server program Mgen6
    • mcalc6 - Mgen6 utility
  • [Netperf] Rick Jones. "Netperf: A Network Performance Benchmark". Available at:
    • netperf - Client program Netperf
    • netserver - Server program Netperf
  • [OWAMP] One-Way Active Measurements Protocol. Available at:
    • owampd - Deamon for OWAMP
    • owping - Client for OWAMP

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