Broadband Communications Systems and Architectures Research Group

LISP @ UPC tools

The Broadband Communcations Research Group of UPC started working on research related to the Locator/ID Separation Protocol in February 2009, in collaboration with the IP Networking Lab from UCL. As a result of this work, we have developed the following tools:


  • CoreSim : An Internet-scale LISP deployment simulator with a hybrid event/trace based architecture which is able to replay a packet trace to simulate the behavior of an ITR and the associated mapping system
  • LISP Packet Dissector: Wireshark is a popular open source network packet analyzer that allows decoding of protocol data for a very large number of network protocols. We implemented decoding of LISP data and control packets for Wireshark.
  • LISPMon: A platform to monitor the LISP pilot network, currently under development at our research group. It makes all collected historical data freely available.
  • LIG: Extension of the LIG tool defined in the RFC 6835 to register and query entries in the LISP mapping database. It has been developed from the inital LIG implementation of David Mayer.


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