Broadband Communications Systems and Architectures Research Group

Developed Tools

Oreneta and NetMeter have been developed by CBA group members and are released under the GNU/GPL license.

Oreneta is a passive monitoring tool for QoS parameters.

NetMeter is an active QoS measurement tool.


SMART is a traffic analysis and classification application  tool developed by CBA group.


LISP is a "map-and-encapsulate" protocol which is currently developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force LISP Working Group  . The basic idea behind the separation is that the Internet architecture combines two functions, routing locators (where you are attached to the network) and identifiers (who you are) in one number space: the IP address.

The CBA group is collaborating in this task and has developed some tools to simulate and monitor the LISP network.


The CBA group has developed an IPv6 Looking Glass to start your experience with IPv6


Wireless Network Monitor (WMON) is a tool that generates metrics of packet loss and network utilization based on the delays and losses of the beacons packets sent by the access points. This tool has been developed in collaboration with the CTTC.


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