MONACO (MOnitoring & Advanced COmmunications)



MONACO is a flexible research infrastructure designed for network experimentation in:

In order to interconnect each module, MONACO includes a set of high-end routers and switches providing a backbone capacity of 1Gbps. Also, the core-network is connected to the Internet through a direct link to Rediris of 1Gbps. Finally, in order to provide accurate measurements, all the modules are attached to a Stratum-1 GPS antenna providing a synchronization signal (<1us). span="">

MONACO has also access to a very large cluster (70 machines, PXeon 16GB RAM) to Simulate, and Emulate. Further, and thanks to the GpENI infrastructure MONACO includes a several machines able to virtualized network topologies and protocols.


MONACO is the outcome of 10 more than years of participation into National, European and Industrial projects. Mainly:


The MONACO testbed is located at UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona, Spain. Contact information here

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